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Hi everyone,
I would like to update you all that we now have new check in codes using the Check In Qld app. These will be on display around the club including the gate, canteen and toilets. It is important that everyone is checking it each time they are at the club. This includes agistees every day when they are tending to their horses. If for any reason you cannot use the app let someone on the committee know and they can manually check you in. 

There are some upcoming important dates that everyone should be aware of:

25th July – This Sunday we are back for our muster. This is the normal 8.45am start so please be mounted and in the arena at this time so we can begin on time.
2. 1st August – This is our working bee to prepare for Aitkens Showjumping event. It will begin at 7.30am and please bring anything you might think is useful. This includes lawn mowers, whipper snippers and gloves. Also don’t forget to bring a hat and some water. We had many compliments on our beautiful grounds at our sporting day so this is the perfect time to showcase Runcorn again as the amazing club it is! This is an all day event and the more people that help that quicker it will be to finish. There will also be a sausage sizzle lunch provided.
3. 14th August – This is the set up for Aitkens from 2pm. Clubs will be nominating members to help set up so if you are participating you will be expected to help. Agistees must also remove their horses from the paddock early that morning so the paddock can be dragged and prepared for set up. 
4. 15th August – Aitken’s showjumping event. Nominations are now open for those wishing to nominate. Any volunteers for the day would be greatly appreciated. 
5. 28th August – Bunnings sausage sizzle. There will once again be two time frames 8-12pm and 12-4pm. If you could help with any of these times please let me know. We also require assistance cutting 15kg of onions.
Thanks,Brianna HornSecretary 

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